My name is Dave Gardner, I facilitate meditation & movement, and have a deep love for community and nature.

I have been practicing for almost 10 years now, and teaching for 7.

It's been an epic journey so far and I have studied with some remarkable teachers in meditation, yoga, martial arts, movement, acrobatics, dance & all things human all over the world.

I have formed my own sharing which I call Original Condition.
I founded Original Condition as a practice to share with people, creating a deeply engaging learning environment where you can focus your attention back to yourself.
I provide transformative tools in the form of mediation & movement that empower people to connect to their very own, and turn problems into solutions.

I am here simply to remind you of what you already are, and be by your side as you unstick your sticky stuff.
It's sometimes fun, it's sometimes not.

An earnest commitment is how you grow.

I host classes, workshops, retreats, immersions and trainings all over the country, and look forward to sharing with you soon!

Practice with Dave

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