Anesu Mbizvo is an adventurous, passionate and driven 27 year old young woman and medical doctor currently working as a yoga teacher and yoga studio owner in Johannesburg South Africa. She is a 500hr qualified yoga teacher who has completed a 200hr vinyasa based yoga teacher training as well as a 500hr hatha, ayurveda and yoga therapy based teacher training, both with Yoga Alliance registered yoga studios. Anesu has a wealth of yoga teaching experience and has been teaching vinyasa, hatha, meditation and yin yoga for roughly 4years. She currently teaches both studio based yoga classes and private yoga classes (with both able bodied students and students with medical challenges that inhibit them from practicing in group settings) and has a wealth of experience teaching yoga and meditation for corporate clients, events and retreats.

When it comes to yoga, Anesu's main emphasis in every class is self-acceptance- she structures her classes and teachings around ensuring that each and every student learns to accept themselves and their body fully, aiming to enable students to see themselves in their True image- perfect, whole and complete. Anesu's teaching style is not only focused on the physical practice of asanas. Instead, drawing from her own personal experience, Anesu teaches yoga as a journey back towards the Self and a learning that the real purpose of life is to rediscover one's true Being and the fact that we are all connected.

Anesu is the proud Founder and co-owner of The Nest Space Yoga Studio and Wellness Center, which is built around the ethos of inclusivity- showing her community that yoga is for all bodies regardless of color, ability, size, age, gender or sexual orientation. The studio offers daily yoga and meditation classes as well as holistic therapies such as reiki, reflexology, massage and hypnotherapy to their clients and is the first of its kind in South Africa. The Nest Space also consists of a vegan cafe and zero waste grocery offering Nest clients a holistic conscious living lifestyle that is affordable, sustainable and convenient all in one. Anesu and her business partner Banesa both believe that a sustainable lifestyle (both in terms of diet and waste reduction) is no longer a luxury but instead a necessity for the survival and functioning of the planet, and so have made sustainability a key facet to both their own personal lives and the running of their business.

Anesu, Banesa and The Nest Space have been featured in The Mail & Guardian, Destiny Magazine and Bona Magazine as well as on ENCA, Newsroom Afrika, Power FM and Metro FM for their work to make yoga and conscious sustainable living accessible to people of color and their community as a whole.

Practice with Anesu

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